Is it safe to clean my engagement ring at home?

Yes! We suggest checking for any flaws or loose stones before cleaning your ring at home. If you notice anything awry, it’s best to take your ring to a professional jeweller to be examined. We recommend having your ring checked and cleaned by a professional jeweller once per year to make sure all stones and claws are secure. The Set will keep your ring looking it's best in between visits to your jeweller. 

What is the cleaning solution made from?

Lustre. The Ritual cleaning solution is made from naturally derived surfactants and is sulphate-free, paraben-free and biodegradable—meaning it’s safe for your ring and the planet! We also say ‘no’ to animal testing.

Take a look at the set to discover everything that’s inside.

Will The Solution remove tarnish from my jewellery?

No. The Solution is a gentle surfactant combination designed to clean and protect your precious ring on a regular basis. It is not a harsh chemical and will not remove tarnish. If your ring is tarnished, take it to your jeweller to have this corrected and then use The Set to keep your ring radiantly clean year round. Cleaning your ring regularly to remove dirt, grime, lotions, sweat and oils slows down the oxidisation process that causes the tarnshied look of your ring.

How many cleans will I get from the set?

The 50ml bottle of The Solution will give you approximately 35 cleans. That means it will last you nearly 3 years if you clean your ring monthly, or about 1.5 years if you clean your ring fortnightly. 

How do I clean my engagement ring at home?

To ensure your ring’s beauty, sparkle and longevity, please follow these instructions carefully:

Place your ring in the ceramic dish and two pipettes of The Solution on top.Add warm water and let your ring soak for as long as you wish. The longer you let your ring soak, the better the result! However, if you only have a short amount of time, 5-10 minutes will give a radiant shine, too.Clean the stone using the soft-bristled brush, focusing on the base and the lower part of the stone where dirt and grime naturally builds up.Once you’re happy with your ring, carefully and thoroughly rinse it under warm, running water to remove any excess solution (be sure to cover any plug holes beforehand!)Dry and buff your ring using the buffing cloth that comes with the set for the best lustre. Voila!

Is Lustre. The Ritual Australian made?

Yes! Lustre. The Ritual was founded by Aussie, Sophie Gard and the cleaning solution, affirmation cards, ceramic dish and all packaging are all locally made. In fact, the beautiful ceramic dish is made by an artisan on the Central Coast of New South Wales, with each one hand thrown and stamped to give a unique appearance. To learn more about Lustre. The Ritual. head over to our About page.